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Online Spanish Course- Do You Have The Discipline?

When taking an online Spanish course, self discipline and motivation are very large factors. Most people embark on a journey with online learning because they think it will be more convenient and time efficient, than traveling to school to take a class.

In many ways they are right. With an online Spanish course, you get to avoid commutes that are sometimes long and frustrating. You also get to avoid face time with instructors and other people if you so choose. You save gas and lunch money because you are home and get to eat there! You … read more

Spanish Language Software- Top Picks

By now you are probably searching for a Spanish language software to help you on your journey to speaking like the natives.  This article will go over a few of the more popular versions of Spanish language software available.

JumpStart Spanish is the first on our list today.  JumpStart Spanish CD-ROMS incorporate a fun aspect to learning.  Geared more for youngsters, it is an excellent, fun choice to learn the basics.

Spanish Now! is the second product on our list of Spanish language software.  Incorporates more of an emphasis on conversation, and less on … read more

Spanish Language Lessons – Learn to Speak Spanish Just Like A Native

Spanish language lessons can be tough for some people to grasp. Especially as an adult, it is much harder for our brain and language centers to “learn new tricks” than it is for a child to learn a new language. That is why, if you spend any length of time in a foreign country, your child ends up translating for you!

However it is not a lost cause for an adult, it just means that you must put in more effort with Spanish language lessons, and practice regularly. New neuro pathways must be forged in the language centers … read more

Rocket Spanish for Successful Learning

There are many options available to help you learn Spanish fast, one of the most popular is Rocket Spanish Premium . This is a course that has huge amounts of content, including audio lessons, interactive Spanish lessons, software games to help with vocabulary, with getting to grips with Spanish Verb tenses, pronouncing and understand Spanish words, a free forum to get any questions answered and lots more besides.

To obtain full information on Rocket Spanish, and what you can expect, we have reviewed it here.  At the moment the full Rocket Spanish down-loadable program is available … read more

Learn How To Speak Spanish The Right Way- Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid- Part 2

Welcome to part two of our 2 part series covering the top 10 mistakes to avoid to learn how to speak Spanish the right way. The last article, we covered the first 5, this article we will explore the final 5. I hope that you take these mistakes to heart and do your best to avoid them.

The sixth mistake to avoid to learn how to speak Spanish the right way, is taking for granted that Spanish words that look like English words, have the same meaning. Words like these, that are the same or similar are called … read more

Learn Spanish Fast – What Is Your Learning Style?

If you want to learn Spanish fast, the best way to improve your chances is to assess your learning style, and plan your education accordingly. There are 3 major learning styles that people tend to fall under. Figuring out which one suits you will be a big step in successful education, regardless if it is learning a new language or learning a new skill.

The three main types of learners are visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners. Visual learners think in terms of pictures. They prefer to see things written down, and find graphs, charts and … read more

Learn Spanish- Audio Isn’t Only Way To Learn

When trying to learn Spanish, audio instruction can be vital in helping your grasp grammar and pronunciation, as well as inflection and syntax. There are tons of learn Spanish audio Cd’s you can purchase, that you can listen to while traveling, or at night before bed time.

However, learning Spanish doesn’t have to just be audio from tutorial Cd’s. There are many other creative ways you can learn Spanish. Get creative! One great way to learn Spanish? Audio books! You can learn Spanish listening to a story. Yes, you may have to pause and … read more

Learn How To Speak Spanish The Right Way- Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid – Part 1

If you want to learn how to speak Spanish the right way, there are a few pitfalls and mistakes you should avoid. This article will be a 2 part series detailing the top 10. Hopefully it will help guide you on your journey to becoming fluent in the Spanish tongue.

One mistake to avoid and learn how to speak Spanish the right way, is always following English sentence order. You can do it at times and be understood, but notice that at times the subject will come after the verb. Changing word order in this manner … read more

Learn Spanish Online In Your Spare Time

What’s the best way to learn to speak Spanish?  That’s a question a lot of people are asking themselves these days, as America becomes more and more a global village. Tens of millions of people in America now speak Spanish, and many are more fluent in that language than in English.  Experts say that this trend is only going to continue, and that eventually America will be a bilingual country sometime this century. So what’s the best way to teach yourself Spanish? Well, there is no single method that’s best for everyone but one of the best ways is to … read more

Learn Spanish – Easy When You Know How!

Everyone wants to learn Spanish.  Easy it may be for some, but not so  easy for others.   Let’s face it, when it comes to learning experiences, most of them are more enjoyable when they are easy.  One of the most common and frequently utilized languages in the world today – not to mention the nation – is Spanish.  There are a number of jobs in which learning Spanish has become extremely important – such as police work and hospitals – and many of the people who are interested in these positions need to already know the language or be able … read more